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Blog Writing Services


“I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. It’s been great working with you. You are awesome! The content looks great, I am really looking forward to adding the copy to my website! Thank you! Thank you!” ~ Doron Orenstein, owner of Magnetic Web Works






“You are quite a prolific writer. You should be writing books. I always enjoy reading your work. Your post was especially moving. Each time I started to try to respond, my heart burst forth so many words at one time because of your words, I could not organize my thoughts into a smooth flow to write. Thank you for putting into words what I was feeling.” ~Pearl C.




Business Writing Services


“I think that both of these sales letters are outstanding. I do not know how you do it, but you definitely put into words what we are thinking and wish we could do. Great work! I can’t thank you enough.”~ Christian Ervin, Web Designer and co-owner of Wrath Clothing Co.






“I think that your company’s vision and business ethics are totally refreshing. In an industry where too many people are looking for the fastest and easiest way to make a quick buck, it’s awesome to know that there are still professional, honest, companies like yours who care about your clients and producing quality work. I just wanted to reach out to you and say that I really respect what you’re doing and how you operate your company.”~ Bridget Weber

SEO Content Writing Services


“I’ve worked with Jamie several times over the last year and a half, on a myriad of projects. From ebooks to web copy, to autoresponders and blog posts, Jamie has brought out the warmth in the copy each and every time. She is not only one of the finest writers I’ve ever had the privilege to work with, she is also a consummate professional and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Working with Jamie is an absolute pleasure, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”~ Sean Platt, Author of Writing Online & 4 Seasons. Co-author of Available Darkness and the paranormal serial, Yesterday’s Gone.

“The brochures,  fliers and promotional materials you put together are simply stunning. Everyone who sees them comments on them. Thanks for all your hard work.” Nichelle, RCS



Too Busy to Blog for Your Business?

You know blogging is important for your business Website, but it’s difficult to keep up with your hectic schedule. Put your focus back where it belongs and leave the blogging to Blue Duck Copy. We’ll deliver fresh, industry relevant SEO blogs at affordable prices. Contact us today for help and never face writer’s block again. 

Writing a Business Blog

Are you writing a blog for your business website? Learning to write copy and blog posts isn’t quite as easy as you might think. If you’ve given blogging for business Web sites a go and found it to be tedious, frustrating, or too time consuming, why not give Blue Duck Copy’s business blogging services a try? It’s affordable and frees you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. You know your business needs a blog to boost SEO and succeed online, let the professional SEO writing services of Blue Duck Copy work for your business. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Professional SEO Content Writing Services

If you need writing services for your business Website, we have just what you’re looking for online. Blue Duck Copy offers on-page and off-page content to help improve your online presence and increase your overall SEO ranking. Our SEO content services include:

  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • eBooks
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • SEO Press Releases
  • Landing pages
  • Optimization of existing content
  • Content creation
  • Articles
  • PPC ad copy
  • Home page content
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Media Kits

Custom Business Writing Services

Not everyone wants a cookie-cutter approach to online marketing. That’s why hiring a professional SEO writing service like Blue Duck Copy is perfect for anyone looking for a personalized approach to SEO. Our writing services also include:

  • Custom writing
  • Article writing
  • Website blog
  • Website copy
  • Writing a blog
  • SEO Website content
  • Website content
  • Services writing
  • SEO writing services
  • Web site blog
  • Business blogs
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  • Blogging services
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  • Blog for businesses
  • Replacing duplicate content with original content
In addition, if you really know your business better than anyone and want to share your expertise with your customers, we can help polish your writing and optimize it for online conversions. We can help you:

  • Write copy
  • Create blogs
  • Blog online
  • Blog for business
  • Generate SEO results with your content
  • Edit your content for general grammar mistakes and typos
  • Express your ideas clearly
  • Effectively use marketing pitches
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Make your content easier to read for the general public


SEO Copywriting and SEO Services: A Winning Combination

If you’re looking for an SEO copywriter, you’ve come to the right place. Blue Duck Copy specializes in SEO copywriting, blogging, and SEO content creation. While SEO content is a great start, an all-out SEO campaign really gets your website moving up the Search Engine Results Pages. If you are interested in making your website perform better, consider contacting Noxster SEO Company for a free SWOT analysis of your website. Monthly packages are affordable, and most include fresh, relevant, SEO content from Blue Duck Copy delivered every month. 

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