An interesting thing happened today while I was working on this website. I found a black hole in the Internet. Well, at least figuratively, not literally. I was researching keywords for clients, and took a break to research keywords for this blog. The same results came up that I found for the MTM Writing site, and since the majority of the copy for this site is a spiffed-up version of the old, I think we’re good to go.

Next, I decided to use SEO Book’s keyword tool to find some interesting blogs to add to my reader and possibly my Blogroll. I ran a search for Christian Business Blog. <<<Instant black hole>>>. I found two promising, relevant hits only to be sorely disappointed when I clicked through. Why are there not any Christian businesses writing about what they do? I know you’re out there…… Helloooo. (Nothing but echoes, maybe I was wrong.)

A similar thing happened when I searched for Christian Freelance Writer. I did get one result that at least looked intelligent, but where are the rest of us? I know who the Christian businesses are locally, but where are the Christ following copywriters, or is that an oxymoron? 😀 (I believe good copywriters can adhere to honest business ethics while writing compelling copy.)

Since I discovered a need on the Internet for Christian business blogs, I am seriously considering taking the Blue Duck blog in that direction. So before we go any further, here’s my disclaimer:

You will find Christian references in this blog. It’s what I believe in, how I raise my family, and how I conduct business. You will not find religious drivel, gay-bashing, brow-beating with a Bible rants on this blog. I dislike religion. Let me rephrase that, I abhor religion. I am a Christ follower, not a pious, religious, rule-toting blogger who chews up people who are different than I. I love people of all kinds, they make my life interesting and fulfilling.

I encourage honest discussion and debates, but will not tolerate anything that I would not allow my children or my grandmother read. (Yes, my grandma is online more than I am. She’s usually on eBay, but she could end up checking on me at any time.)

We’re still working out the bugs and kinks with the new website, so it may be a week or more before you find regular or daily posting, but don’t be surprised if you find theological business advice here in the next few weeks. My family and I will pray about the direction of this blog and see what happens. I’m excited to see where this leads!

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