I love to blog. I love the more informal writing style. I especially love the freedom to express my personal opinions. Don’t we all? However, there comes a time in every blogger’s schedule when the work outweighs the hours in a day. In freelance writing, this often happens in cycles. Old projects come close to completion, creating a crunch time before deadline while new projects are just in the planning phase. Occasionally. projects overlap and rush jobs sneak in, creating a scheduling nightmare for the freelance writer. Add in personal responsibilities and family and the result is a bulging schedule- something has to give.

For me, that something is blogging. The simple fact is that my clients and my family come before the rest of my obligations, even those I enjoy. I am currently finishing up a large content project for an SEO company and beginning a new endeavor with Christian Flower Network that I am extremely excited about. (Feel free to check out their old website while we are working on the new! They have a great product with a terrific message.) During this time, I will be blogging very little. I hope to be finished with the brunt of the crunch work by Wednesday of next week.

So, until then, have a safe and happy holiday weekend from Blue Duck Copy!

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