Have you ever wondered what potential clients see when they find your Website on a search engine results page or how Google (and those other search engines) comes up with the little blurbs that describe what a link is about? The answer-in part- is Meta tags, and you can put them to work for your business. Here are a few tips to help your Meta tag measure up to the competition.

  • Writing a good Meta tag includes making your website’s description attractive to Internet searchers. Include important information about your Website that would interest your target audience. What does your Website have to offer? What information is your target audience looking for? Give them the good stuff up front and they are more likely to click through.
  • Double check your Meta tag for grammar and spelling mistakes. Sloppy mistakes show that you don’t value your readers and didn’t care enough to take the time to read your own Meta tag, so why should they?
  • Include information in your Meta tag that isn’t already included in your home page text. This tip is straight from the Google Webmaster Central Blog.
  • Pay attention to proper spacing and punctuation when writing your Meta tag.
  • Avoid the spam-like Meta description. If it reads  like spam, the search engine (and your potential clients) will treat it as such.

For more information on creating a Meta tag that measures  up, try: Google’s Webmaster Central BlogSearch Engine Land , SEO Moz , or watch this video provided by Vertical Measures


2 thoughts on “Do Your Meta Tags Measure Up?

  1. This is a solid post, but I have 1 more tip for meta Descriptions:

    Do not use a generic description on every single page. Instead use a unique description for each page and make certain that the description relates to the content of that page.

  2. Thanks for the tip Greg! I use an SEO plugging for WordPress that lets the author set metas and search engine descriptions for each post. Quite handy. 🙂

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