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“The distinction between SEO copywriters and SEO writers is a fine one, but it can make a distinct difference to your sales.”

Hiring an SEO copywriter versus an SEO writer means that you are getting the added benefit of a certain skill set that will help you increase your ROI. SEO copywriters know how to gently persuade an audience through word selection. A good SEO copywriter understands the subtle nuances of the English language, and employs those subtleties to work in your favor.

An SEO copywriter also understand SEO principals that affect writing styles and formatting such as character count for titles and slugs, and where to place vital targeted keywords. A skilled SEO copywriter also understands marketing and generates copy that is social-media friendly and formatted for Web readers. Marketing also extends to details such as where to place a call to action and keeping the target audience in mind during the writing process.

It pays to hire an SEO copywriter
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