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“The rules are stacked against web content being creative or entertaining, which is why you need to give your content writers special permission to break those rules.”

The 20% rule is a belief that employees should be free to pursue their own projects 20% of each workday. This principal may be especially important to creative professionals like graphic artists, graphic designers, Website designers, SEO copywriters, and bloggers. Nick Usborne claims that creative types, including content writers, should be expected to craft a project according to 80% client-defined specifications, and 20% creative freedom. What do you think? If this a good formula for success in Website development and SEO copywriting?
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4 thoughts on “The 20% Rule for Writing Creative and Entertaining Web Content

  1. 80% client-defined specifications? Heck, why not just let the client write the whole thing themselves? Less work for everyone. Being a little tongue in cheek there, I just never imagined a world where client-defined specifications could ever account for so much of a project. Is it just me?

  2. I tend to stick pretty closely to what the client specifies during the consultation, Mark. I’m not sure if it always qualifies as 80% of my project, but I’ve learned that too much creative license with content only leads to a request for a re-write. 🙂

    Now, there are many clients who come to the table with a few specific ideas but not many details, and they’re happy to give me the reigns. But a large number of the businesses I deal with know exactly what they want… and what they don’t want.

  3. Jamie:
    Upon re-reading,m my initial comment sure sounds a little snarky ~ I’m so sorry, it was unintentional. I guess I am much more accustomed to customers in your second category. Thanks for the clarification, it was helpful.

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