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From Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone, here are the 7 essential elements of effective social media marketing.

1. Get your home base together

2. Who’s the face of your business?

3. Who else has your customers?

4. Pick a primary platform

5. Manage your time

6. Content first, conversation second

7. Don’t forget SEO


As an SEO copywriter, I especially like number seven. And while Darren Rowse had a guest poster a while back who knocked SEO copywriting pretty hard, I think taking a common sense approach to SEO copywriting is essential. You don’t have to fill your Website with senseless keyword-laden, awkward copy just to perform well on a SERP. Common sense should tell you to writer for your audience first, but pitch to the Search Engines as well. Quality SEO Copywriters know how to strike the perfect balance and still get the job done.


Here’s the opening from the original post. Click through the link to read for the full article.

“So in the past few weeks, we’ve told you it’s a bad idea to be a digital sharecropper, building your business entirely on someone else’s land (like Facebook, Tumblr, or any other third party you don’t control)”

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