2 Hard and Fast Rules for Using Twitter

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Is your Twitter followers group filled with spammers, lonely people, and newbies? Do you feel like no one actually reads your Tweets? The problem may lie in what you are Tweeting… and how you are Tweeting it.

There’s an unspoken rule to Tweeting that many people seem to have forgotten in all the excitement of following, followers, and tons of information moving at the speed of light across your Twitter stream-

what you tweet reflects who you are, as a business professional and as a human being.

2 Hard and Fast Rules for Using Twitter

1. NEVER post anything you didn’t read yourself. If you can’t be bothered to click through and read it, why should anyone else? This also helps avoid posting links to articles with great headlines but spammy content, which adversely affects your reputation on Twitter.

2. Twitter REQUIRES interaction. If you expect to just post 900 links to your own content everyday and everyone will fall in love with your blog (and you)… well, let’s just say you probably have more serious problems in life than a crappy following on Twitter. Get to know a few folks on Twitter. Exchange morning pleasantries. Say please and thank you and give credit where credit is due. Engage people in conversations about their posts, their businesses, or their lives. Twitter is not a soapbox or a soap opera where you are the star of the show. Take time to interact with others.

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